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ValleyView Designs offers specialty business branding and graphic design solutions for small business owners and entrepreneurs who do it all. Whether you are just starting a new business or looking to freshen up your current brand identity, ValleyView Designs provides affordable custom designs and marketing materials to achieve your goals and grow your business.

You want to work with someone who cares about you, your mission, and your business goals. I want to work with people who are passionate about what they do and strive to have their passions and personality show through in their brand and business identity.

My name is Amanda and I’m at your service.




Logo Design

Your identity is your most valuable possession. Through colors, fonts and imagery, we will create or refresh your logo. Your company’s exclusive brand identity is the most important element that will form a lasting impression on your clients and community.


Digital Graphics

Being noticed is great, but being memorable is ideal. Web and email banners, social media posts and digital graphics are great ways to capture the interest of a visitor and encourage them to stay on your website, sign up for the email list or continue to browse your blog posts. It's time to design some visual memories.

Business Cards

First impressions last. Imagine a card that solidifies you and your brand from being just a name that somebody “heard about one time.” Your credibility, legitimacy, and professionalism will be tangible in their hand and on the forefront of their memory.


Flyers & Brochures

It’s time to boost your business. Through brochure and flyer designs, we can make a statement to your clients and potential clients alike. Let’s increase your company’s visibility and easily reach a targeted audience.


Hey! Remember me? – Ads, posters, flyers or coupon offers remind and inform your customers and clients about your brand, mission, or variety of unique products. Combining eye-catching images, graphics and text ensures you will always be remembered.


Cards & Invitations

Send a little something special to prospective clients, your loyal followers or to family and friends. Imagine an invitation that has everyone RSVP the moment they open their envelope. It truly is the thought and the little details that count.


We have the pleasure of working with some truly incredible clients.

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“Amanda was an absolute godsend for us. From start to finish her design work was clean, consistent, and really spoke to our customers. She designed signage, website layout, social media components... anything we needed. She responded promptly to every request, and she made us feel like an integral part of her design process. The result felt very true to our sense of style, sense of humor, and the soul of the company. I cannot recommend Amanda’s services more highly. She has a fundamental understanding of good, clean design, and can truly take the consistency and effectiveness of your brand to the next level."

- Robin Stewart DeMartino, Talon Furniture & Mattress

“Working with Amanda at ValleyView Designs has been absolutely wonderful. From the very beginning, she was receptive to our conversation about the overall design I was looking for, complete with colors, theme, and overall ‘feeling’ it should provoke. Before starting, she made sure we had a clear understanding of goals and guidelines. Amanda was simply indefatigable when it came to my needs and wants and tweaks of each design, managing to take all my critiques in stride and apply them to the next round of proofs. I could not be happier with the way my new designs look and feel, and will happily recommend Amanda to anyone.”

- Amy O'Brien, Smooth Moves Massage

“I absolutely loved working with Amanda! I shared my idea and some basic content for a tri-fold brochure and she did the rest! She completely understood the message I was trying to convey, which was not easy since I wasn’t sure exactly what I wanted! Within a few days, I had a gorgeous piece of marketing material that I have used multiple times to promote an important part of my business. Amanda’s positive attitude and professionalism made working with her a true pleasure! And when my brochure needed a slight tweak a few months later, she was quick to update it and send it back. She made the entire process extremely easy. I would recommend her to anyone looking to better market their business!”

- Michele Lyman, Serenity Yoga 

“I absolutely loved working with Amanda for a logo redesign. She took my preferred colors and fonts, as well as the general aesthetic I wanted and made me tons of amazing logo options, as well as a business card design to match the logo! And, as an extra plus for me and my small business, it was an amazing rate!”

- Sarah Dallas, Shire Suds

“Amanda’s work has helped me to reach new customers with clean, professional and eye-catching designs for logos, social media, advertisements and apparel. She works extremely quickly allowing me to complete projects in rapid time. Her eye for design combined with her efficiency makes her a great asset for a small business owner like myself.”

- Ali Ingellis, Amherst Equestrian Center





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