Is It Time To Rebrand Your Business?

Do you find yourself crossing out old information on an old business card before handing it to a new LinkedIn connection, or picking up a sharpie to write in new efforts you want people to know you have the resources for or are affiliated with before dropping off your brochures? If so, it may be time for a business rebrand. What do I mean by rebranding? I am referring to the high-level marketing strategy of updating the corporate image of a business or organization. This could be achieved by choosing a new logo for your business, updating your company’s name or brochure, redesigning your website or any other efforts that place you and your business as industry experts and elevates you over your competition.

How do you know if you should consider a business rebrand? Here are a few reasons if may just be that time.

Is your logo an accurate representation of your brand? You invested in a professional logo design, or maybe had a close friend help you out a couple years ago and now you have reached your goal of having a substantial following and have worked hard to get those referrals. It’s time to have your logo – your business’s first impression and identity – reflect who you have evolved into as a business and ensure that you continue to attract those new clients.

Have you outgrown your original mission? Your business values could evolve and change the longer you are in the game. Maybe you started out selling a handful of consumer goods in the beauty industry and now you not only sell a larger product line, you also allocate a portion of your revenue to a rewarding charity. You want to ensure your services, products and overall business mission and story are given the maximum amount of exposure to your ideal customer base in your target market. It is incredibly exciting and fulfilling to experience growth in your business. Make sure to account for and capitalize upon these new moves.

Are you hesitant or embarrassed to hand out your marketing materials? Crossing out old information may have been helpful one time in a quick pinch, but this should not become a normal best practice when you are meeting potential clients or trying to connect with new customers. Your business cards, brochures and flyers need to keep up with your evolving business, as does your current website. After all, they are the tools that help you do the talking (take a peek at my portfolio for some new design inspiration!).

Are you trying to reach out to a new audience or target consumer? Times are always changing. There is and always will be a new, younger generation on deck ready to tag in and change the norm of our current target market and client base. If it isn’t yet, it may be time soon to begin thinking about how to redefine your brand in a way so that you reach those new consumers and simultaneously stay on their radar. Harley Davidson carved out a rebranding plan with ideals around keeping their brand recognition but giving their business an appropriate facelift is an incredible example of how to approach unavoidable changes.  

For may years, large companies have and continue to use rebranding as a strategy and common business move. So, before you change the color of your logo or update the font on your business documents, take a step back and write out your business goals – really wrestle with them – and consider taking the steps to rebrand your business.   

Have you recently rebranded or refreshed any aspects of your business? Share your advice in the comments below!