4 Components to Include in Your New Website

Congratulations – you’ve decided you’re ready to bring your services, products and opinions to the world-wide-web! So…Now what?

Incorporate these 4 tips to ensure your content and mission on your new website are found by your next ideal client or target consumer.

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1. An About Section.

It is important to have a section dedicated to YOU. You are the face of your brand, the voice of your product, the entrepreneur who does it all. YOU are the reason people want to partner with you, purchase your products and are the best person for the job. This section provides a space for you to invite them in and share your story. Who are you? What are your passions? How did you come to find yourself in this line of work? Brag a bit. List any certifications or degrees you have to gain further trust from your audience.

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2. A Way for New Leads to Contact You.

You’ve shared your story and gained trust from your audience. Since you’ve established yourself not only as the most qualified person for the job, the highest quality product, your potential client is sure to have some questions or would like to schedule a consultation with you to learn more. They’re already hooked - make it easy for them to contact you and convert them into long term customers:

  • List your email address and phone number on the footer of your website.
  • Create a basic Contact Form on your Contact page where potential customers can enter their name, email and a brief message or question that will be send directly to your email.
  • Show off your social media accounts and invite people to engage with you via Twitter, Facebook or Instagram.

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3. Sharing on Social Media.

We live in a digital world where everything is accessible online and all information can be shared on a wide variety of platforms. Incorporating social media buttons on your website allows for you to grow and strengthen your own online community and build traffic to your site. Have a new product on your website? Encourage your customers to share a picture or hashtag showcasing how they use it. Have a free tool for your followers to use? Have them tweet about it before downloading the content.

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4. A Blog.

Since you are the expert in your field and want to continue to gain the trust of your audience, add a blog to your website. Having a blog is important because it:

  • Gives you the space to create relevant content for your customers
  • Adds a feature to engage your social media followers
  • Drives traffic to your website and elevates you as a knowledge leader in your industry
  • Develops strong customer relationships with engaging content that can turn into long term customer retention

Be sure to add keywords that are relevant to your industry or topics your ideal customers are searching for.

You’re ready to click, Publish, and let the new leads find their way to you! What information or sections do you include on your website that are essential to your business?