3 Tips For Creating an Eye-Catching Sign

Photo by  Austin Chan  on  Unsplash

Photo by Austin Chan on Unsplash

They are everywhere. We see them when we’re driving, shopping at the grocery store, or hanging up as wall décor in your home or office, all conveying important messages and information. I was humbled at being asked to design a storefront sign for a new local business that was opening in my town named Talon Mattress Co. Not only was a sign needed to accurately represent the location of the store, but also as a means of advertising and introducing the new brand message of the company.

I had an incredible design journey in producing the new storefront sign and have a few tips from my new experience to share with you!

I see you. The details that go into designing indoor and/or outdoor signage are so intricate. Before you begin, take into consideration where the sign will be located. Will it be listed up with others in a plaza type setting? Will it be on the inside of an intimate restaurant, or hoisted onto the roof of your store? Having an answer to this initial question will help you determine an appropriate size to ensure that it can be seen from a distance.

Less is more. The more you can say with less text and images the better. Incorporate clean and simple fonts and images that are visually appealing from most distances and angles. The background space that is not covered by text or graphics is just as important as the content itself. Be certain to adhere to best practices of ensuring there is clean contrast between all elements. Your text will be more visible from a distance the greater the contrast is.   

The printer is your friend. You have gotten this far in the design process and are about to save your file and send it to your client for the vendor who will produce the final product. Not sure which program to complete your design in? What resolution should the file be saved at? What are the best practices for the dimensions of the image? How should the final design be scaled? The print vendor is the expert so give them a call! We speak the same language and understand the importance of a smooth job with little to no revisions.

Happy Printers + Happy Clients = One Ecstatic Graphic Designer

Now someone please make that truth into a billboard ASAP!